Riders and drivers worry high passenger loads on certain routes put them at risk. TORONTO STAR

The death this week of a 67-year-old man from COVID-19 has underscored the virulence of the virus and the particular hazards for Montreal’s Hasidic Jews. TORONTO STAR

Some studies suggest there could be as many as 1,200 people with coronavirus at any one time in the city’s shelters. TORONTO STAR

Province far from ‘worst case scenario’ virus spread like northern Italy — but preparing for that eventuality. TORONTO STAR

Health Minister Tyler Shandro is facing calls for his resignation after an alleged confrontation occured at a doctor’s home in Calgary last weekend. TORONTO STAR

If Ontario’s lab capacity had kept up with the province’s growing backlog, the uncompleted tests could account for another 333 missed cases of COVID-19. TORONTO STAR

Ontario will now legally require travellers returning from abroad to self-isolate at home for 14 days to help keep the spread of COVID-19 in check. TORONTO STAR

Westbrook Mall, where the store is located, tweeted that it had reached out to the franchise owner and removed all signage from the property. TORONTO STAR

It’s unclear if the COVID-19 tests were bogus, a Toronto police spokesperson said, but: “There are no legitimate ‘home test kits’ available.” TORONTO STAR

Longo’s said it is working with public health authorities to alert fellow employees and keep customers informed. TORONTO STAR

Economic outlook “extremely uncertain,” budget officer says, but under the independent budget office scenario Canada’s real GDP would contract by 5.1 per cent on the year. TORONTO...

We asked you to send us photos of your best recipe using only ingredients from home — and Toronto Star food writer Karon Liu provided some feedback.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had earlier announced a 10 per cent wage subsidy to help keep employees on the payroll. TORONTO STAR

The restaurant remained closed for several days while professional cleaning services worked to sanitize the restaurant. TORONTO STAR

Amid a shortage of masks and gowns, one reusable piece of protective equipment can replace 75-100 disposable ones. TORONTO STAR

Some health experts are praising the Ontario government for its decision to designate alcohol and cannabis retailers as an essential workplace. TORONTO STAR

My family was among the last-minute travellers returning to Canada to ride out the public-health storm, flying from Moscow to London to Toronto to Montreal. TORONTO STAR

Expectant parents, obstetricians and midwives are grappling with how to bring a baby into a world fighting COVID-19, while preserving the moments and memories of giving birth.

“We’ve learned that we can adapt. And some people might not want to go back to how it was before.” TORONTO STAR

A York University study has attempted to predict the trend of the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada depending on if the public follows social distancing and other public health...