Kids get service they need when they need it until age 18 under streamlined system rolled out by children’s minister Michael Coteau.

Defense lawyer Harry Black suggested the three male police constables on trial merely did a wanton woman’s bidding, something the composed complainant steadfastly, resolutely denied.

Top secret memo suggests large scale for CSIS metadata program, Federal Court ruled keeping the data was illegal in 2016.

The final moments of Andrew Loku’s life, captured on a 911 call, were heard at the ongoing coroner’s inquest into his death.

It’s a fascinating, frustrating, and sometimes appalling panorama.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in warned that North Korea could only face further international isolation and more economic difficulties.

Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump are never going to be fast friends but the bilateral file has not sunk to previous depths.

Public works committee votes to compare buses to streetcars on Queen St. despite TTC brass saying matter is closed.

The fired FBI director’s explosive words to the Senate Intelligence Committee make clear that Trump faces real legal jeopardy. Even if he emerges unscathed from special counsel...

Fees for bottlers of water will jump from $3.71 for a million litres of groundwater taken to $503.71 per million litres later this summer.

The Australian soccer federation said that the Saudis knew about the plan to hold a minute’s silence before the match but declined to participate.

Woman allegedly made threats, kicked and pushed people in two incidents.

The OECD’s multilateral treaty aims to end “treaty shopping,” but doesn’t apply to some of the most popular tax havens for Canadian companies, including islands like Barbados.

The woman told court on Wednesday she felt powerless and unable to move or speak when the officers allegedly forced themselves on her.

TTC chair Josh Colle says the 10-year plan will improve transit service at a “fraction of the cost” of new subway or light rail lines.

Joanna Flynn, who took Deanna Leblanc off life support, was found not guilty by a jury Thursday of manslaughter and criminal negligence causing death.

“This becomes one less thing to worry about when you’re not feeling well,” said Health Minister Eric Hoskins at a news conference at Women’s College Hospital.

Prosecutors are expected to show jurors an earlier deposition in which the comedian said that he routinely gave women pills and alcohol before sexual encounters and gave...

CUPE Local 1600 announced the deal was reached early Thursday morning after almost 24 hours of continuous bargaining with the help of a provincially appointed mediator.

Footage released shows the moment when police arrived at a busy market area near London Bridge and shot dead three attackers. Some 48 rounds were fired to...