This year’s weather is being compared to that of 2016, when a blaze nicknamed The Beast forced the evacuation of Fort McMurray. TORONTO STAR

The images are dramatic but the blazes are coming with a heavy ecological impact. TORONTO STAR

The decision with little notice to close the Minden site has been widely condemned by community residents, elected officials and health-care workers. TORONTO STAR

Some stores and attractions will be open in Toronto from Friday, May 19 to Monday May 22. TORONTO STAR

Metrolinx says this is another “tactic” by Crosslinx Transit Solutions to delay construction of the $12.8 billion project. TORONTO STAR

He was once known as ‘Putin’s chef’; now he’s a caustic critic of how the war in Ukraine is being conducted. Yevgeny Prigozhin might just be indispensable to...

Toronto makes a big showing but Montreal restaurants got the most nods with 27, including the city’s most famous spot Joe Beef TORONTO STAR

Descriptions for two of the three suspects have been released. TORONTO STAR

In March, Washington and Ottawa expanded the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement. TORONTO STAR

Some manufacturers still want to pass fees to consumers, a source tells the Star, but producer responsibility organizations say beverage companies should be absorbing the costs themselves.

The NDP has agreed to back the minority Liberals on a range of confidence votes, but is now looking for a pathway to limit Ottawa’s ability to trigger...

Ottawa argues it’s not responsible for the risks and hardships faced by a group of 25 Afghans who have been threatened by the Taliban. TORONTO STAR

King Charles and Camilla are lying low, while the Prince and Princess of Wales are very front and centre TORONTO STAR

Five of the six front-runners in recent polls will take part Monday night in the Daily Bread Food Bank debate. TORONTO STAR

Toronto captain was asked if he would drop his no-trade clause with perhaps a summer of change on the horizon but he wants to remain here. TORONTO...

Premier Doug Ford is signalling Mississauga will eventually be allowed to secede from Peel Region. TORONTO STAR

Ottawa’s plan is to make electricity grids “net zero” by 2035 but some provinces say they need to burn fossil fuels for power beyond that. TORONTO STAR

The prime minister was warned that the auto giant might scrap a $5-billion battery factory in Windsor if Ottawa refused to match U.S.-style subsidies given to Volkswagen, the...

The ETFO conducted its 2023 All-Member Violence Survey in February and March and shared the results in a news conference on Monday. TORONTO STAR

‘We thought we’d never find the ring,’ says the new bride. But one man’s determination, and help from social media, has the wedding band on its way back...