The last time Point Roberts, Wash. residents feared border closure was after 9/11. Now a deadly virus has led to restrictions even that tragedy never did. TORONTO...

The agreement still needs to be ratified. News of it came Friday evening, little over a week after the government came to a tentative deal with the Ontario...

The closures of daycares, schools and libraries amid the coronavirus outbreak are “really highlighting where our safety gaps are,” says Edmonton’s Mark Cherrington. TORONTO STAR

Vancouver lawyer Kyla Lee went to Ohio last week for a conference. This week she was diagnosed with COVID-19, and she says everyone must take the pandemic seriously.

Premier says EB Games situation is “unacceptable,” expresses hope that municipal bylaw officials or police intervene TORONTO STAR

The province is also seeing the percentage of samples with “pending test results” growing, the Star analysis found. TORONTO STAR

“I won’t hesitate to shut anything and everything down once I get the advice from the COVID-19 command table and the chief medical officer,” Ontario’s premier said Friday.

Toronto now has 153 reported cases of COVID-19, Toronto Public Health said Friday afternoon. TORONTO STAR

The province also released a modified TVO schedule, after asking the public broadcaster to boost educational programming. TORONTO STAR

B.C.’s Sylvia Fuller and her family were among the first to go into self-isolation — because for them, it could be a matter of life or death.

The prime minister said Canada struck a deal to send back asylum seekers as the agreement to stop American visitors from entering the country comes into effect at...

Fiat Chrysler, GM and Ford’s plans to shut down are expected to leave about 150,000 workers across the continent off work, an unprecedented situation for the industry.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown unease over giving the federal government emergency powers. He may no longer have a choice. TORONTO STAR

Mayor John Tory is set to make the announcement of financial relief during the COVID-19 outbreak on Friday morning. TORONTO STAR

A Toronto epidemiologist says how COVID-19 spreads in Canada will depend on the actual number of cases and how strictly people actually follow social distancing. TORONTO STAR

With the delays in testing, there is a gap between where we are and what we know. The coronavirus is living in that gap, Bruce Arthur writes.

As Ottawa deliberates lifting COVID-19 travel restrictions on migrant workers, Canadian growers say workers are needed now, or crops may go unplanted, which would endanger the country’s food...

A Star analysis found the Toronto case number reported to the public by the province is 39 lower than what the city’s public health unit is reporting

As the novel coronavirus makes it’s way around the world, the isolation, fear and anxiety can take a toll on your mental health. TORONTO STAR

Staff outraged, saying public will be put at risk. All employees at Oakville location say they will refuse to come in to work. TORONTO STAR