By the end of 2020, a third of all Canadian companies saw an increase disability leaves and experts predict an increase as the pandemic grinds on TORONTO...

Judith Young’s sons want an independent oversight office with the power to help families in situations like theirs get answers. TORONTO STAR

Meanwhile, some southern Ontario commuters will find themselves with fewer options today as transit agency Metrolinx cuts back on service due to COVID-19. TORONTO STAR

Some are deciding not to return to campus altogether for fear of the Omicron variant, while others are reluctantly moving back, unsure what to expect. TORONTO STAR

International, local and behavioral trends have all made for an unusual state of affairs TORONTO STAR

The ‘Full House’ actor was found dead at 65 in his hotel room in Orlando. TORONTO STAR

The number of ambulances available in Toronto Saturday night hit zero, according to the union representing paramedics TORONTO STAR

The Leafs’ AHL affiliate was shut down by a teamwide outbreak that continued through Christmas. There were some emotional days, but they focused on what was most important....

Two new books outline the conditions that may be accelerating the U.S. toward a new era of domestic violence, Edward Keenan writes. TORONTO STAR

A staff report before city council proposes adding 25 more “automated speed enforcement” cameras to the 50 already in use in school zones. TORONTO STAR

Ahead of a report by the New Brunswick government, there is anger and skepticism among some of those suffering from unexplained symptoms TORONTO STAR

Catroppa was shot dead outside a hotel in Cancun, Mexico, in September 2020. TORONTO STAR

Meanwhile, Germany’s ruling parties are hitting the brakes on plans for compulsory vaccinations, saying it may take months to properly debate the contentious measure in parliament. TORONTO...

The medieval studies professor has denied the allegations of bullying and sexual harassment. TORONTO STAR

To experts, it’s no surprise Ontario is straining under the Omicron wave. The potential shortcomings of its hospital system have been flagged before. TORONTO STAR

New Hamburg mother Shannon Snyder shares frustrations over school shutdowns and learns quickly her family is not alone TORONTO STAR

The late Anthony Campfens left a war-ravaged Netherlands and launched a successful career as a Toronto architect. TORONTO STAR

A young Scarborough woman grooms rabbits at her Funny Bunny Services TORONTO STAR

Ephemera and heirlooms ?ll every nook at Gadabout Vintage TORONTO STAR