The Ecuadorian villagers are seeking roughly $12 billion in environmental damages in a court battle that began in 1993.

U.S. growers look to adjust their businesses and become more cost efficient as prices fall 48%.

More than 100,000 people are expected to turn out for the march in Washington, including many Canadians who have travelled there to take part.

The President and the First Lady share their first dance to Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ at the Liberty Ball, the Freedom Ball and the Salute To Our...

Trump’s order intends to seek the “prompt repeal” of the law and allows federal agencies to delay implementing any piece of the law that might impose a...

A Toronto man facing “violent, serious charges” allegedly left after a miscommunication between police and the courts

President Donald Trump’s remarks framed the next four years as a sharp turn inward, with vague but relentless victory to come.

Brian Pallister made the comments to fellow Progressive Conservatives earlier this week.

Young Leafs look to rebound against Senators on Saturday night, and the response will be telling.

The departing first lady did everything right during Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday — while throwing delicate, beauteous, almost imperceptible shade.

Things seemed very dark, and then it rained as Donald Trump began chunking out his words of menace, Heather Mallick writes.

As Trump officially takes office, we’ve all learned not to bet against him in any confrontation that comes down to brute force, Paul Wells writes.

Mounties say they received the threat Thursday and an investigation determined it was not legitimate.

Meanwhile, emerged online which featured a video from Barack and Michelle Obama outlining their future plans.

Father of Raphael Loh left car for a few minutes when briefcase was taken from trunk of his car.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting with mayors of Canada’s biggest cities to discuss cross-border trading, the opiod crisis and the federal government’s infrastructure program.

It is unclear how many protesters descended on the nation’s capital for the inauguration, but law enforcement officials said they were bracing for more than 60 demonstration...

Suddenly controversial movie retrenches after TMZ posts footage of dog performer in apparent distress during filming.

In his current bid to be Conservative leader, the reality TV host dismisses what he’s said on TV. Here’s what he’s said off-camera.

Little in way of punishment for Nancy Elgie, who says she will attend same equity training provided to other elected officials.